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Config module

This module handles the general configuration of attester. It handles all the options defined in the command line, but allows you to configure any setting that might be later needed by plugins.


  • attester.config.readFile(configFile) Read a JSONor YAML configuration file and return it as a JSON.
  • attester.config.set([path,] config) Set the global configuration of attester. When setting the configuration, values are accessible directly from attester.config. If used with one parameter it sets the global configuration of attester. When used with two parameters, the first one is a sub-path inside the global configuration where the configuration has to be stored

         one: 1,
         two: 2
     });; // This is `1`
     attester.config.set("env", {
         one: 1
     });; // This is also `1`
  • attester.config.parse(config) Parse a configuration object replacing templates with their actual values. The optional configuration is merged together with the global configuration merged so far.
  • attester.config.getParsed(property) Get a value from the internal configuration, but make sure that it has been parsed. This is equivalent to doing


  • attester.config.available Whenever attester.config.set get called.