Logger module - Attester documentation

Logger module

This is the default logger for attester.

It provides some methods for logging and the verbosity can be controlled by the attester configuration value log-level.


  • attester.logger.logError(message) Logs a message. log-level 1
  • attester.logger.logWarn(message) Logs a message. log-level 2
  • attester.logger.logInfo(message) Logs a message. log-level 3
  • attester.logger.logDebug(message) Logs a message. log-level 4

  • attester.logger.addChild(childLogger) Register a child logger. attester.logger will listen to the log event raised by the child logger and call attester.logger.onChildLog(event).

  • attester.logger.onChildLog(event) Called when a child log emits the event log.