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Mocha configuration

Mocha is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on node and the browser with an amazing support for asynchronous testing.

Examples of different attester configuration are available at this repository.

The mocha test type accepts the configuration below.

      # Base directory of all other included files
      rootDirectory: 'test'

        - '**/*.js'
        - '**/*.conf.js'

    # User-interface (bdd|tdd|exports). Defaults to bdd
    ui: 'bdd'

    # Ignore global variable leaks, defaults to true
    ignoreLeaks: false

    # When ignoreLeaks is false this contains the list of global [names] that are allowed
      - 'myGlobal'
      - 'coverageObject'

    # Assertion library to be included. It could be either expect or chai or any external url
    assertion: 'expect'


Standard configuration object to include / exclude files for testing. It is common to all test types and described in more details here.


Mocha interface system allows developers to choose their style of writing tests, BDD, TDD, and exports interfaces.

Possible values are

  • bdd, the interface provides describe(), it(), before(), after(), beforeEach() and afterEach()
  • tdd, the interface provides suite(), test(), setup(), teardown()
  • exports, where object values are suites, function values are test-cases and the keys before, after, beforeEach, and afterEach are special-cased.
  • qunit Qunit-inspired interface matches the "flat" look of QUnit where the test suite title is simply defined before the test-cases.


By default Mocha will not check for global variables leaked while running tests, to enable this set ignoreLeaks to false and specify globals that are acceptable using globals.


The list of accepted global variable names when ignoreLeaks is false. For example jQuery.


Mocha allows you to use any assertion library you want as long as it throws an error.

Possible values are

  • expect expect.js expect() style assertion
  • chai chai expect(), assert() andshould` style assertion.
  • http://any.other.url/assert.js to include any external URL as assertion library.